First Show - Stagefright

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Past Shows

Our first show was a selection of 4 sketches and 2 one act plays,
we called it

'A Slice Of Life'

'Let Her Rip'
Above is a picture is of Jenny, Suzanne, Joy and Kristine doing their thing to Bohemian Rhapsody.
Developed from an idea to mimic the very funny and iconic scene from Waynes World. It worked fantastically in this scene.

'Loitering within Tents'
This was a one act play involving mischevious womens institute ladies [Jenny, Suzanne, Joy and Kristine] they are on holiday and have a tour of the Sheiks Grand Tent by the tour guide [Eleni]. They get involved in belly dancing, eating sheeps eye balls and all sorts of silly buisness. The picture shows the ladies meeting the Sheik [Ash].

'In the Human relations Office'
A short sketch of mis-communication here is Eleni and Ash in full swing.

'The Birds and the Bees'
Here we have Frank and Ash, this short sketch was a very funny take on a dad explaining to his son about the birds and the bees, of course it turns out that his son possibly knows more than he is expecting him to.

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