Seventh Show - Stagefright

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by Michael Cooney

Performed on the 21st -23rd March 2013
At the old Library Theatre in Mansfield


Eric Swan has been claiming thousands of pounds worth of benefits for some time now for a series of lodgers that don’t actually exist!! Alongside this Eric and his Uncle George have been selling the various free medical supplies he’s been receiving (ranging from support corsets, to alopecia wigs and maternity dresses!)” however Eric’s wife Linda suspects her husband may be cross dressing after inadvertently discovering said items. Eric realises the trouble he could face for his various scams and decides to start bumping off some of his “lodgers” however this soon leads to Eric being offered even more benefits for the supposed deceased and so unravels a hilarious story of mistaken identities, wrongful accusations, unwanted visits from an assortment of DSS inspectors, welfare counselors, a corpse and even a rebellious washing machine!!!

We often do not manage to get the local press
to give us a review but on this occasion we got
a really well deserved review.
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